There are many different kinds of drug offences in the state of New South Wales in Australia. Involvement in illicit drug or other scheduled drugs is considered very serious in the nature of criminal offences.

Criminal activity involving drugs can take many different forms whether it be consuming drugs, possessing drugs, possessing or selling drug utensils, supplying drugs to other people, manufacturing or producing drugs, dealing with drug precursors, importing drugs and various other kinds of dealings with illegal substances can see a person charged with very serious criminal offences.

Some drug offences carry lighter sentences whilst other drug offences can carry serious time in jail.

If a person if charged with a drug offence then the Police will need to gather and present a certain level of evidence to the Court in order to substantiate the charges.

If a person has been arrested for a drug offence we generally recommend that the person obtain legal advice from a quality criminal lawyer before making any statement to the police. Often statements made by a person can be used against them when their case comes before the Court.

In dealing with drug offences our Sydney Drug Lawyers will examine and assess all of the police evidence involved in a persons matter and explore whether there are any legal defences available to that persons matter.

Below we have listed a number of the most common drug offences which are laid by police in New South Wales. For more information on each drug offence click on that offence to find out more.

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